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From: Potchefstroom

Hi lovely ladies,

Thank you so much for taking the time to watch my video and read my story! I honestly appreciate it!

Fitness or physical activity has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. Growing up on a farm me and my sister were always running and playing outside. And as I grew older I participated in various sports all through primary and high school – with swimming, athletics and hockey being right at the top of my list.

After school I went to study BCom Forensic Accounting at NWU Potchefstroom. Played hockey, started going to the gym and worked in the occasional swim whenever I had the time. After finishing my studies, I got married to my all-time favorite human being and we are still living in Potchefstroom.

I started working as a forensic investigator – which I am still working as. However, living in the “platteland” – forensics are quite limited. And that’s where my journey in the fitness industry started!

I became a certified group fitness instructor and started giving classes at Virgin Active. Never in my wildest dreams I could have anticipated that I would enjoy it that much. I used to tell my husband and family that I will never become a personal trainer as at that time – I preferred to work with groups of people. However, as time progressed and I had the opportunity to get to now various ladies who told me how much I have helped them, I became more and more in love with the idea of personal training and the opportunity to help more people.

So I continued to educate myself, to ensure that I can provide the best service to each and every lady I get to teach. And honestly, I have to admit – the forensic nerd in me absolutely loves learning.

Since then I have studied to become a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, pre- & post natal exercise specialist, aqua aerobics instructor, Pound Pro and swim coach for babies and toddlers. And I have done countless continuous professional development short courses to stay at the top of the game.

In August 2018, I started FIT BEST Training. My own little fitness startup, mainly focusing on online and home training for women only. My vision with FIT BEST Training is to assist as many women as possible, from all walks of life, to become the best version of themselves – through their own individualized fitness journey.

I strongly believe that fitness can and should be fun. And I you follow me on social media, you will very often see me using the hashtag #fitnesscanbefun. In order show the ladies in my area that it seriously can be fun, I have hosted 2 workout events in Potchefstroom. If you are not having fun, there is no way that you will stick with your training long term.

Although I am still working in the corporate sector as a forensic investigator. The dream is to go full time into fitness in the near future.

I want to assist women to become the healthiest, happiest and fittest version of themselves. I want to teach women that fitness can be fun. And I want to inspire women to take care of themselves and live a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

No diets, no food deprivations, no workout myths, no unrealistic weight loss stories, no dreading to exercise. Just pure fun while getting a good workout done and building a healthier & happier version of yourself one day at a time.

Fitness is not about being better than someone else. It’s about being better than you used to be.

I believe that this platform can give me the opportunity to reach more ladies all across South Africa. That’s my dream. And that’s why I entered for the Women’s Health Next Fit Star of 2019.


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