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From: Johannesburg/Gauteng

I am a group exercise instructor at Virgin active. But to be honest this is not where I saw myself at all when I was younger.

I have always been into sport. I played tennis, netball, soccer, and softball. I was also the captain of the athletics and swimming teams at my school. When I finished high school and went to university I had no time for sports so my father encouraged me to join the gym. And I hated it. For me, gyming alone did not equate to fitness, there needed to be a form of sport involved.

I attended my first aerobics class and I hated it. I could not follow what was happening. The instructor came to me and said “you have great potential, keep coming , it gets better”. So I went back week after week, 6 months later I wanted to be a group exercise trainer.

Basically, I live to motivate people with regards to their fitness goals. I want to help people overcome the fear of the gym or simply the fear of engaging in physical activity.

As a group exercise instructor I have gained so much confidence and self worth; sharing that with other people especially women is a dream I live everyday. Moreover, I cannot even begin to say how much I’ve learnt from fellow members in the gym.

I look forward to being part of the Women’s health next fitness star journey as it will assist me to learn more, be more and move more.

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