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Hi WHmag and all you amazing women. I am Safiya Salee. I am 24 years old and enjoying my 7th year in the fitness industry. I am a certified nutritionist, qualified group trainer, Olympic weightlifting coach and martial arts instructor. I am an SA Wushu gold medallist and received SA colours for Kungfu. I own BRUTEFIT a high impact, anything goes gym in Johannesburg. We lift, we run, we smash tyres??? ooh yes and we kick and punch I weighed in at an unhealthy 37kg, with a low self esteem, disordered eating habits and was unhappy with myself. I am now a step away from being a healthy 50kg multifunctional coach and athlete. My desire to empower people, especially women is coming to life everyday in my gym, I host various sessions where we have built an army of fitness enthusiasts that astound me on a daily basis. There is nothing as rewarding as watching a shy and inactive woman go from insecurity and transform into a hardcore, confident athlete that is capable of throwing truck tyres around and weightlifting her own bodyweight. This is my payment every day. (And I love it) Along with all of the above, a few other amazing women and I, incorporate into our day, a fitness and martial art lifestyle... We train, box, even wrestle and grapple on a daily basis. It???s really satisfying to be able to stand toe to toe with our male counterparts and be considered equal (and often superior) in the combat game. I could write all day... as the fitness lifestyle is truly my passion... but I???ll allow you to get to know me better in the future J Thank you women???s health magazine for this opportunity.

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